Which are the most useful and free add-ons in Prestashop?

Which are the most useful and free add-ons in Prestashop?

PayPal & Braintree official Module


With the help Paypal wallet, you can connect with millions of customers and Accept the essential e-commerce payment method.

The buyers of your website use their PayPal balance and ban account number to fund their payment.

The express checkout shortcut is integrated and available in PrestaShop. You just have to simply activate it with the shortcut displayed in the shopping cart that allows for the quickest checkouts.

You can get paid for debit or credit card via Braintree that is already used by the leading names of e-commerce like Airbnb, and Uber.

Don’t have PayPal accounts, that fine. You, guests, can checkout customers who don't have a PayPal account to finalize their purchase with their preferred local debit & credit card.

1-Click Upgrade Module

For upgrading your eCommerce store, you can take help of this plug-in. This add-on allows you to choose the version to which you want to upgrade from minor or major version.

The module has the pre-built checklist that reminds you to take essential steps before upgrading your webs tore. The functionality to check and keep track of modifications you made to the source code is embedded in this plug-in. From backing up your files if you haven’t done it to roll back all the previous versions in case you do not need them is available in this plug-in.

Do you know there is a PrestaShop module that increases conversions?

PrestaShop has an extensively long list of add-ons. You can use them to integrate into your website and increase your websites conversion rate. Though for using the below add-ons you need to pay for some of them.

Add a Blog module – informative and quality content on your blog will attract lots of visitors to your blog. Use this to promote sales, new products, discount coupons, etc. Be sure to be consistent with your posting.

Discount coupon and Gift modules – adding this, you will be able to customize your discount to your specific individual and have full control to whom to give and not.

Google Adwords – optimize your keywords search with this module.