Drop Shipping- Trending E-Business

Drop Shipping- Trending E-Business

Drop shipping mechanism a virtual transaction:

Although digital entrepreneurs are always apprehensive, nevertheless, the always evolving E-Commerce has come up with a new marketing plan called Drop shipping, where the upfront capital investment is almost zero.

The concept works in this simple fashion:

> A customer places an order on your E-Store for a commodity at a retail price

> The order is forwarded to your supplier paying a wholesale price

> The supplier ships the item directly to your customer on your behalf

> The world has embraced E-Commerce as sending online payments is easy than ever before.

The traditional methods of stock and sell or maintaining inventory are completely eliminated; a great relief from investment.

The concept Drop shipping or product sourcing also eliminates the risk of buying in bulk and the fear to carry over unsold stock.

These basic benefits make Dropshipping popular; the key benefit being the requirement of minimal investment, but profit earning is similar to the traditional retail concept.

The requirement to Start a Dropshipping Business

The basic essentials to start Drop shipping business, like any new venture, are a positive attitude, a good work ethic and business acumen with the right motivation. This novel concept of Drop shipping business effectively makes you a middleman with little hassle and more profitability.

Bank on these fundamentals:

A product to sell

Secure a supplier to that product

Build a platform/E-Commerce website

A sales tax certificate

The Dropshipping model comes with its share of benefits and pitfalls:

Circumvent from Posting Duplicate Content

Avoid duplication of content as Google dislikes duplicate content. Like in your Meta description or your product description, in your product images, or any of the other page elements you are trying to optimize, no replication is permissible. Just check before posting and avoid altogether.

Say for instance, if you have the product description from the manufacturer or your Drop shipping supplier, spend some time to completely change it even while retaining the USP of the product. It is a strict ‘no-no’ to copy and paste for the product description to your page.

Keep a hawk’s eye to look for similar content in other websites and your own website too. This exercise will enable to maintain unique content of your product detail pages.

Let’s Face it SEO is an Ongoing Process

It has to be understood first that unlike setting up your website, keyword research and SEO are not one-time processes.

As a matter of fact, your product offerings are going to transform for the better; take care, you are going to be adding and removing items from your store.  Search engine algorithms will evolve, based on customer tastes, their desires and how they express the whole process.

So, you will have to review your keywords to ensure it is holding up to the changing times.  This is a regular process, mind you.

Provided that you have your Drop shipping site, you will have your hands full on optimizing it for search engines.