The future of eCommerce industry-Drone Delivery

The future of eCommerce industry-Drone Delivery

eCommerce giant Amazon, the American based company launched a drone delivery concept for Prime users and created new ways of delivery for online purchased products.

The earlier shipment where the delivery person used to visit your home for the shipment is in history, indeed! While this idea is being tested by many, Amazon’s use of a drone for order delivery has opened new endeavors in shipment industry.

The flying saucer-Drone has penetrated the mainstream market has in the upcoming years you are probably going to see it every once in a while hovering over your home. Don’t get amused! In the cleaning industry itself, drones are used by professionals. In the agriculture industry, drones are being used for spraying fertilizers in fields. In advertising and broadcasting industry, drones are used to capture an aerial view of ongoing events. Be it sports, rallies or natural calamities, use of drones is no science fiction anymore!

How drone shipment benefits startup culture?

There are benefits of drone for those who are new in the logistics industry. First, it carries great capabilities that will be enhanced in the upcoming future. If you know the working of the technology behind you can surely fetch marvels of this flying saucer. Secondly, drones are a great tool for marketing. One can extend it for flying advertisements instead of hot balloons. Most importantly, this method proves to be an instant mode of delivery ad reaps extra monetary benefits.

Though the latest trend of drone delivery is initiated by eCommerce giant Amazon, UPS is slowly penetrating this trend. Recently, pizza company-Dominos New Zealand outlet offered instant delivery through drones. No wonders all loved it!

Let’s come to the technical capabilities of drones.

Commercial drones can deliver goods up to 150 Kg payloads, though this capability can vary from individual companies using drones. With good battery life, speed and flight at user sight, drones come with the balance of power, size, and weight.