Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Social Media Shopping In 2019

Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Social Media Shopping In 2019

Social Media Shopping in 2019

When it comes to social media, the year should be quite an interesting one for marketers. Last year we have witnessed the rise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. And this has paved the way for more interesting ways to shop online. Over the last few years or so, it’s also evolved, changed shape, and spawned numerous offshoots. That’s a big opportunity for retailers. Just as social media leveled the marketing playing field, social commerce is giving brands both big and small, a new way to capitalize on their hard-earned social media reach.

In fact, the social nature of shopping is perhaps more relevant than ever as social media and e-commerce now go hand-in-hand.

The key goals of social shopping are to encourage more purchases via social and create evangelists who are willing to back up your brand time and time again. However, encouraging social shopping is somewhat of a balancing act: the trick is driving social purchases without spamming your follower and prospects.

But are people really buying on social media?

Retailers are continuing the quest to engage with consumers on social channels. To a certain extent, it appears retailers are succeeding. But, does this mean customers are actually buying through a social media platform? So, is social media still a source of pure inspiration rather than the place to purchase? Here are the major social media shopping trends in 2019.


Individuals love experiences that are modified to their preferences and requirements. This feeling of personalization is being done in an assortment of ways. To make web-based shopping personalization one stride further, organizations are beginning to join artificial intelligence and machine learning into the eCommerce experience.

Augmented reality

Increased reality (AR) is when innovation is utilized to superimpose computerized images and illustrations into the current condition. While individuals ordinarily perceive this element from video games, it tends to be utilized for online shopping, as well.


Organizations are attempting to duplicate the physical, in-store deals help while shopping on the web. Chatbots speak to a profitable asset for brands that need to make their clients feel they’re by and large “physically" helped while purchasing on the web. Chatbots are for the most part actualized with the goal of making a moment correspondence between a client and an organization. Since online stores don’t have an explicit opening and shutting hours, clients can be shopping whenever of day.