Get to know the difference between CodeIgniter and Laravel

Get to know the difference between CodeIgniter and Laravel

Both Laravel & CodeIgniter are PHP framework that helps developers to create a custom web application rapidly. The web developer uses such open source PHP frameworks that help to curtail development time without increasing project overheads.

Though the choice of web framework differs from developers, both Laravel and CodeIgniter are hugely popular among PHP programmers. Here we present the facts and thorough an understanding of the difference in Laravel & CodeIgniter.

Support for PHP 7

The release of PHP 7 with the latest and enhanced features enables programmers to deliver better web applications and reduce memory consumption. Laravel and CodeIgniter support PHP 7, but according to some programmers have faced issues while developing in CodeIgniter & PHP 7.

Built-in Modules

Many times a large module is divided into small modules to make the development process speed up and easy. Laravel is designed with built-in modularity features, while CodeIgniter is not designed with built-in modularity features. The CodeIgniter developers need to create & maintain modules using Modular Extensions.

Support for Databases

Laravel & CodeIgniter are PHP frameworks that support an array of databases. But when compared CodeIgniter supports a higher number of databases that Laravel.

Database Scheme Development

CodeIgniter does not offer any specific feature set that can simplify database schema migration. But in Laravel, you can easily modify and share the database schema without writing complex code.

Built-in Template Engine

Laravel comes with a built-in template engine called Blade. Blade template engine enables programmers to enhance the performance of the web application. On the other hand, CodeIgniter does not come with a built-in template engine. The developers in CodeIgniter need to use the separate template to accomplish common tasks and boost the performance of the website.

HTTPS Support

When an application sends & receives sensitive information, HTTPS is added to make it more secure. In Laravel, there is an option to create a specific URL for each HTTPS route. But in CodeIgniter programmers have to use URL helpers to keep the data transmission secure by creating pats.

Community Support

Laravel and CodeIgniter are PHP frameworks. And each is supported by a large community of active web developers.  If you are a beginner, you may find it a bit difficult to learn Laravel. For choosing the right framework, you must evaluate each project and select the right framework.