ECommerce Web Design Tips for Effective Design To Augment Sale

ECommerce Web Design Tips for Effective Design To Augment Sale

ECommerce Web Design Tips:-
The principal and unbiased objective of an E-Commerce web design is to drive visitors to the website and convert them to prospective buyers besides generating profits.
Lately, E-Commerce has seen an overwhelming growth in the global market with the profits in the US alone crossing 435 billion US$ in 2017.
All the same, it has been found that time constraint is one of the reasons for customers in devoting enough time through a maze of websites in order to look for the right information on product or service. Therefore, in order to address this issue and also to make a positive impact on revenue, E-Commerce sites have to function efficiently and also to swiftly generate instant results.
There is nothing more frustrating to an online shopper than a slow E-Commerce website that does not function efficiently. All efforts are being put to get the sites to work well starting with the fundamentals of a web design covering the nuances of E-Commerce sites; we presume the following article will be informative.
As mentioned in the beginning that E-Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds, the demand of customers too have increased and their expectations in terms of support from websites are justified. They expect instant results without much complexity and waste of time. Moreover, the website should be easy to use as the scope of task of an online store is to drive new traffic, convert potential customers to leads, and also retain their interest in the product and service.
Basically, E-Stores have to grab the attention of the masses with brilliant and optimal designed websites. The websites with a balanced ambience must be interesting to keep the customers engaged. In order to succeed, E-Commerce sites should follow Basic Golden Rules for Modern E-Commerce Web Design they are:

Responsive Web Design:-
Thanks to the popularity of mobile devices, at the outset websites must look presentable and must be effortlessly displayed on all portable devices. Technically, the panning and zooming features should be at the minimum for greater navigation flexibility. In order to make the most out of this, the modern concept of responsive website design has become the norm as the focus is on the products and not the bold or glitzy type that normally one used to come across in the past. This is a strict no.


Potential customers expect the sites to be easy on navigation in order to view exactly what they want without any interruption. Customers expect sites that are without any annoyance or disturbance. Normally, E-Commerce sites have dozens of products on display and quite often, the numbers keep growing.Products that are properly categorized render an ordered viewer access. A simple menu should have the possibility of detailed levels of filtration.

Satisfying Display of Products:-
If you want your prospective customers to make a buying decision, the products on display should have crystal clear images,high quality resolutions, coupled with detailed description of the product. The graphics should be dynamic in nature but simple yet retaining the quality so that the buyers can get greater understanding of the products that are put up on sale.You may also get your website designed in such a way that customers could view the images of the products from all possible angles by rotating, zooming-in or out to get a feel of them.

Detailed Product Descriptions:-
Pictures of the product alone cannot help in understanding the product fully. The array of products on display should distinctly give description of the product to help potential buyers to make the right choice while purchasing.Studies have shown that rather than the mere features of the product the highest converting product descriptions highlight the benefit to the customer.Additionally, great product descriptions can also eliminate the overhead of customer inquiries.

Product Reviews and Ratings:-
Customer reviews and ratings form a powerful addition to any E-Commerce site. They provide much value and feedback so that your customers can use it for making a decision to buy a product.It will help you to determine your customers’ preference. Ensure to update the content of your website regularly; this is an added bonus for your customers.

A well-designed E-Commerce experience is due to the following reasons: avoiding unnecessary pop-ups, advertisement which ruins the customer experience. Another reason is to offer 3rd party logins through Gmail or Facebook without even having to create a new account. In addition, offering live chat as a means to quickly get in touch with you and offer content that exceeds your customers’ expectations. The customer is contented at the end of the day for an exciting shopping experience…which translates into more sales!