PayPal & Braintree official Module Features: With the help Paypal wallet, you can connect with millions of customers and Accept the essential e-commerce payment method. The buyers of your website use their PayPal balance and ban account number to fund their payment. The express checkout shortcut is integrated and available in PrestaShop. You just have […]

Tips and tricks on a WordPress website While designing a website, the first thing we need to make sure is of using the right platform. Using a perfect platform to start your website gives you the freedom and control to manage things on your own without the help of a technical person. We often come […]

After reading the title of this blog you might be curious that what is the secret method of handling such a huge business without investing money? That sounds fishy, right? Dear reader, this is the truth many eCommerce giants have used and is gaining good revenue out of it. And the secret is “Drop-shipping”. Many […]

Both Laravel & CodeIgniter are PHP framework that helps developers to create a custom web application rapidly. The web developer uses such open source PHP frameworks that help to curtail development time without increasing project overheads. Though the choice of web framework differs from developers, both Laravel and CodeIgniter are hugely popular among PHP programmers. […]

Every eCommerce store owner understands the importance of marketing their web-store and developing a strong web presence.  Not many know the importance of content marketing strategy that has the potential to attract and win over customers. A best content marketing strategy creates beautiful storefronts, invest in advertising campaigns, and build email marketing for the eCommerce web […]

Be it a restaurant, fast food chain, café or a round the corner deli, every food selling business is glorified by its busy hours. But achieving these busy hours requires nice blend of good service and great marketing. Hotels and restaurants is the industry that merely marketing won’t work. You need to equally deliver quality […]