If your website has an email newsletter signup structure or even a contact form, you must have a security or privacy policy. So exhausting, we understand. But fortunately it’s actually simple to get a privacy policy and get your site legally compliant. Why you need one: In case you’re gathering data from clients on your […]

The Myth – Usually people think that Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing are the same.  While content marketing is about the creation of content, appropriate dissemination across channels and its right potential reach. Nevertheless, inbound marketing may look similar but it is not, relatively speaking. The Reality – In a way, inbound marketing and content […]

Social media shopping in 2019 When it comes to social media, the year should be quite an interesting one for marketers. Last year we have witnessed the rise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. And this has paved the way for more interesting ways to shop online. Over the last few years or so, […]

Here is the scenario. You begin your journey. Searching with a random phrase and just then stick up with a website, when you are browsing a website and stuck up with a 404 error page. So why do they even exist? Those who are in the web industry will be able to tell you the […]

As the famous phrase goes-Change is the only constant thing in the world. So does it is applied in the field of Technology. The changing technology brings us the huge features that are helpful for us. We all are aware that emerging technologies are changing the way we work and interact with others. With things […]

PayPal & Braintree official Module Features: With the help Paypal wallet, you can connect with millions of customers and Accept the essential e-commerce payment method. The buyers of your website use their PayPal balance and ban account number to fund their payment. The express checkout shortcut is integrated and available in PrestaShop. You just have […]